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Facilities & Technology

The MAPLAB is located in the Psychology building at Indiana University-Bloomington, in room A320. Students and postdoctoral researchers have offices in this suite. The suite has a large conference area (with a large journal collection), and a separated area with four soundproof booths where participants are tested. For the purposes of testing MAPLAB also has an auxiliary location in room 234, containing seven more testing booths, each containing both Dell and Apple computers.

Lab members have both desktop and laptop computers, and these are regularly updated to state of the art standards. The department and university are renowned for additional computational facilities including world leading supercomputers, and the department houses an fMRI facility dedicated to research. These facilities are available for lab members.

Most data collection, analysis, and modeling in MAPLAB is carried out with the computer facilities. Lab members are free to choose what software they use for these purposes; some of the packages that are most frequently used include Matlab, E-Prime, Macromedia Authorware, PASW Statistics, WINBUGS, and R.