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Krystal Klein
Graduate Student

Personal Webpage

Current Projects
  • Works in the Yu lab on Cross-Situational Statistical Word Learning
Research Intrests & Bio

I am conducting my dissertation research within the Cross-Situational Statistical Word Learning paradigm developed by Yu & Smith (2007). In this paradigm, participants attempt to learn the mappings between novel words and pictures over the course of 18-36 individual training trials, each of which contains individually ambiguous mappings between words and their referents. My focus has been upon the role played by prior knowledge of several different forms. I have developed numerous instantiations of associative learning models in attempting to account for empirical data across a variety of conditions. I am also quite interested in how people remember the order and timing of events. I studied serial learning in my undergraduate lab at Brandeis, and in my first year of graduate school I conducted a large number of experiments within the Judgment of Recency paradigm. In the future, I hope to explore the development of the temporal character of memory through research with young children.

Representative Publications
Klein, K.A., Shiffrin, R.M., & Criss, A.H. (2007). Putting context in context. In J. S. Nairne (Ed.), The foundations of remembering: Essays in honor of Henry L. Roediger III. New York: Psychology Press.
Klein, K.A., Addis, K.M., & Kahana, M.J. (2005). A comparative analysis of serial and free recall. Memory & Cognition, 33, 833-839.