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Tarun Gangwani
Undergraduate Student

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Current Projects
Research Intrests & Bio

Currently I am a junior in the cognitive science program. I anticipate receiving a BS in cognitive science and two minors in psychology and philosophy. While my research has been primarily in word-learning, I am also interested in memory models, philosophy of mind, and neurological diseases like schitzophrenia and its diverse effects on learning and memmory. I began doing research in Fall 2008 in the MAPLAB. My first paper (of hopefully many more!) is due in Winter 2009, dealing with cross-situational statistical word learning and categorization.

Representative Publications
Gangwani, T., Kachergis, G. (2010). "Simultaneous Cross-Situational Learning of Category and Object Names." Proceedings of the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. Portland, OR: Cognitive Science Society
Gangwani, T., Kachergis, G. (2009). "Simultaneous Noun and Category Learning via Cross-Situational Statistics." iCogSci: Indiana Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University