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Stephen Denton
Post-doctoral Fellow

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Current Projects
Research Intrests & Bio

My research interests encompass a broad range of cognitive science topics with my predominant concentration being on mathematical models of learning and categorization.  In the MAPLAB, I am investigating the causes of feature confusions and discounting in short-term visual priming.  Previous research has suggested that prime and target features are confused when presented visually and that features known to be from the prime are discounted.  I am exploring experimental factors that inhibit (or facilitate) this feature confusion and discounting to gain addition understanding of short-term visual feature processing in humans.

Representative Publications
Denton, S.E., Kruschke, J.K., & Erickson, M.A. (2008). Rule-based extrapolation: A continuing challenge for exemplar models. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 15(4), 780-786.
Denton, S.E., & Kruschke, J.K. (2006). Attention and salience in associative blocking. Learning & Behavior, 34(3), 285-304.