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Greg Cox
Graduate Student

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Current Projects
Research Intrests & Bio

Broadly, I'm interested in learning, memory, and the nature of mental representations.  Here at the MAPLAB, I'm currently investigating how people learn and represent associative structures as part of a larger project to better understand how general knowledge and event knowledge co-evolve.  I also work at Mike Jones' Computational Language and Cognition Lab, where I'm working on comparing sequential learning models.  Back at my old home at the University of Maryland, I'm still working on ongoing projects on auditory temporal processing (with Sharona Atkins) and on computational modeling of the effects of memory processes on decision making (with Mike Dougherty)

Representative Publications
Cox, G. E., Harbison, J. I., & Davelaar, E. J. (2008). From list learning to semantic knowledge: Search and learning of associative memory. Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society.